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Tony feels at home at local Elvis Tribute Festival

Tony D-WebsiteWritten by Tony Downer --- October 2011  In August I had the opportunity to attend the Elvis Tribute Festival in Tweed. That day, my excitement and admiration for Elvis grew so much that I bought two souvenirs: a huge mug with Elvis' picture and name in lights, and a large puzzle with Elvis wearing  his gold lame suit from 1957. I had my picture taken with some of the Tribute Artists, Kevin and Dwayne Bezaire and my favourite, Paul Anthony from England. My knowledge of Elvis grew a ton and I had so much fun! Through this experience I also noticed how much I look like some of the guys... we could have all been related to Elvis!

Photo: Tony (right) with one the Bezaire brother Tribute Artists.

[Tony is an Elvis Tribute Artist, and has been entertaining his fans in the Peterborough area for many years.]

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