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Stages of a Developing Friendship


As the spring flowers begin to blossom, a new friendship is budding for Peter Carlin. Peter met Butch Downer while he was volunteering with the Blueboxing@Fleming Program in 2008. Butch works with the college, and after meeting, he and Peter began to realize they share many similar interests.

One in Spirit: Making the Connection


On Thursday April 19, 2012 Community Living Peterborough's Spinclusion Team (Shelley Davis, Shawna Belcourt, Bethany Sayles and Alison Rodriguez) participated in the One in Spirit: Making Connections workshop held at Ridpath Junior Public School. Grade 6 students from Buckhorn and Ridpath schools participated in the day long workshop which focused on inclusion, self-esteem and body image.

Russell's Week of 'Firsts'


This past summer Russell Lake took an adventure of 'firsts' when he went to the sunny summer lake front getaway at Shadow Lake. Russell's goal was to get away from the city and rejuvenate by the lake, but it turned out to be a week of 'firsts' for him: swimming in a natural lake, sitting by a campfire at night, and enjoying the natural surroundings. Russell shares this story with you because personal accomplishments can be made and are possible when you least expect it!    

Staying in Shape


Adam Santomero, Outcomes Facilitator --- Exercise is an important part of Anne Fontaine's weekly routine. Generally on Monday and Friday mornings Anne can be found at the Wellness Centre where she enjoys walking some laps around the track followed by some time on the rowing machines. When returning home she is always excited to share her progress. She'll proudly tell you that she did "30 laps today" or "1000 meters" with a big smile.

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