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Feb 29, 2017: Agency Amalgamation Announcement

Read more...We are excited to share the news that effective April 1, 2017 Community Living Peterborough and Community Living Central Highlands will formally amalgamate and create a new corporation called Community Living Trent Highlands. Both Agencies have had a long history of excellence in supporting individuals with disabilities in their communities. This will not change.

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Jen Atkins is Volunteering

Read more...Jen has recently become more involved in the community by participating in volunteer work for King George Public School.  Jen has loved to bake for many years, and is now enjoying the process of baking for the school’s breakfast program each week.  In addition she has shown to be a big help in picking up and dropping off the school supplies.  Jen is doing a great job and having fun!

Animal Adventures with Nicky!

Read more...Nicole Pacey has been busy with animal-themed adventures. In the fall, Nicky travelled to the Royal Winter Fair in Toronto.  Just before Christmas, Nicky visited the Heritage Centre where she enjoyed all the wildlife animal displays, especially the polar bear one. Just recently, Nicky has been spending time at the Humane Society.

A New Found Love for Her Language Again!

Read more...Anyone who knows Patricia knows how important her Ukrainian heritage is to her.  Over the years Patricia has found that she has lost a lot of her Ukrainian Language.
Patricia decided she wanted to learn it again.  So she went to Chapters and ordered some CD’s to teach herself again.

Sondi Starts Bowling

Read more...Sondi has started bowling with the Special Olympics on Thursday evenings!  She is constantly saying “Bowling is fun!”  She always seems to hit a pin and sometimes even gets a spare!  She is making a ton of new friends, and loves to cheer her new bowling friends on.

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