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Mastering The Art of Puzzles

Read more...Anne Fontaine is a Master at Puzzle Art!  Anne will tell you throughout her day that puzzles are, “Fun” and “So Easy.”  Anne learned her love of puzzles from her mother; Anne and her mother would work together at puzzles when Anne was just a little girl...

Tim Brady Enjoys Being a Co-pilot

Read more...As you can see by Tim’s smile, he loves the new accessible van.  Especially riding shot gun, and having control over the stereo!  Tim also enjoys being able to see a frontal view.  Tim usually rides with the Handi-Van service and his chair needs to be secured in a sideways position, making it difficult to see out the front...


Sonia’s Fabulous Fall

Read more...Sonia McNeil has had a very busy fall!  Not only has she reconnected with old friends like Maureen Staples, but she has really enjoyed getting out into the community to interact with different animals...

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