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A New Found Love for Her Language Again!

Read more...Anyone who knows Patricia knows how important her Ukrainian heritage is to her.  Over the years Patricia has found that she has lost a lot of her Ukrainian Language.
Patricia decided she wanted to learn it again.  So she went to Chapters and ordered some CD’s to teach herself again.

Sondi Starts Bowling

Read more...Sondi has started bowling with the Special Olympics on Thursday evenings!  She is constantly saying “Bowling is fun!”  She always seems to hit a pin and sometimes even gets a spare!  She is making a ton of new friends, and loves to cheer her new bowling friends on.

To: Staff, Families and Members: “Stronger Together”

Read more...February 3rd 2017 -  To: Staff, Families and Members: “Stronger Together”

As you may know, we had two very important meetings this week. The members of Community Living Peterborough and Community Living Central Highlands met to review and vote on the proposed amalgamation of our two agencies.

We are very pleased to report that both votes were unanimous in approving the Boards’ recommendation to amalgamate our Agencies and create a new organization called “Community Living Trent Highlands”...

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The Wish Fund

Read more...Through Personal Outcomes Planning, Community Living Peterborough assists people receiving supports and services to identify priority goals for their future. For some people, reaching their goals is difficult due to a lack of resources, and that’s where the Wish Fund comes in.

People First Peterborough gives to Kawartha Food Share

Read more...People First Peterborough had their Christmas general meeting this month with the theme of giving back.   Instead of members paying the usual meeting dues each person donated non-perishable food items to be donated to the Kawartha Food Share.

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