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Laura Achieves her G1 License!

Read more...In April, Laura achieved her G1 license!  She is now working toward her G2 License, and recently completed the in-class portion of her Driver's Education course.  She is now getting ready to book in-car lessons, and excited to start! 

All the best Laura!

Summer Leisure in Our Community

Read more...Learning to ride a bike; hitting the golf range; old friends reunite; roller coaster thrills; joining a recreation class; being with friends in the sunshine... these are just a few things people engaged in this summer! What did you get up to?



Read more...Justin, Courtney and John spent an afternoon learning to fish with Fishability!  It was Courtney and John’s first time on a boat too!  They waited all summer for this day and it was well worth it.  They each caught fish…but one stole Courtney’s lure! The day ended with a yummy BBQ.

Karim Makes New Friends & Fun Memories at Summer Camp!

Read more...Karim Elmedany has had a great summer participating in summer camp at Trent University. He attended the Challengers and Explorers Camp for two weeks. The Challengers and Explorers Camp provides campers a chance to spend the entire day  together  as one group exploring a variety of indoor and outdoor sports and activities.

Being a Part of the Club!

Read more...Last week on Wednesday, September 7, Jim Watkins went and hit some golf balls at Liftlock Golf Club, which is one of Jim’s passions and favorite sports. Paul one of their employees was extremely attentive and helpful to Jim, he went above and beyond to make the experience extra special for him. Paul was very knowledgeable about different techniques to hitting the ball and how different clubs worked. Paul also let Jim try out three different types of clubs that were at the Liftlock Golf Club.

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