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Serena Rediscovers Bowling

Read more...Serena couldn’t remember the last time she had been bowling, so this past Tuesday she took a drive to Oshawa and went to Neb’s Fun World.
At Neb’s she played two games, and got the highest score both times, her first score was 88 and next game was 95!

Serena was laughing the whole time and couldn’t believe she beat a staff member at bowling. Serena says she can’t wait to go again!

Amalgamation: An Adventure of Discovery

Read more...Its spring and May is around the corner and at my house early May means hunting for Morels. These are wild mushrooms and the places that we go to find them are apparently an age old Jordan secret. The thing about Morels is that they are hard to find, in the beginning, you search and search and pay particular attention to the sandy patches where they love to grow. Then all at once you find one, and then another and suddenly they are everywhere you look. I am not sure what this phenomenon is called but it is like you suddenly are looking at the same area with a different lens and it is one that makes Morels easy to spot.


Read more...Full-body rebel yells, “HUT!!”, could be heard throughout the halls of Activity Haven on March 14th as five young ladies, staff and volunteers learned critical strategies to protect and empower themselves in the face of danger.

Connecting with Family

Read more...Wayne Wight was re-connected with his natural family several years ago.  Although they live out of town he now frequently connects with them via e-mail or an occasional FaceTime call.
Wayne and his sister Ruth have really enjoyed FaceTiming, and as a result, Wayne is now supported to FaceTime with his sister Ruth on a weekly basis, as well as email his sister Bernice, and the rest of his family.

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