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Calvin Is Connected to His Community

Read more...Calvin is trying out new things in his community.  Recently through Connex (a Community Living Peterborough image002.jpgday program that offers activities in the community), he had the opportunity to try his hand at axe throwing!  Axe throwing is a new activity here in Peterborough, and Calvin really enjoyed it!  He even got a bullseye!...

Nancy Explores Her Neighbourhood

Read more...Nancy realized she had never been to the Visitor Centre at the famous Peterborough Lift Lock, which is only a few blocks from her home. So, taking one Saturday afternoon, Nancy and staff ventured there. During the tour, Nancy learned about the history of the Lift Lock, how it was built and about the many other Lift Locks around Ontario...

Healthy Sexuality Course Update

Read more...Maria Scott and Shawna Belcourt facilitated two Healthy Sexuality Groups that started February 2, 2017. The two groups included young women from Holy Cross High School and a group of women supported through Community Living. The groups were held on Thursdays at Holy Cross High School and Community Living Trent Highlands. (Peterborough location).

We provide an open, non-judgemental, safe, comfortable environment to discuss topics. Topics included; Understanding Emotions, Hygiene and Personal Space, Consent, Introduction to Relationships, Flirting, Dating, and Romance, Sex Education, Contraception and Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sexuality and the law, Social Media, and Healthy Relationships...

Closed Facebook Page “Peterborough Families are Strong”

Read more...Description:

Welcome! This closed Facebook page is designed to provide a safe place for families of children and/or young adults living with an intellectual disability a common place to form natural connections, share mutual information and moral support.


For Community Living Peterborough to share current information to families, provide a space for families to form natural supportive connections for daily living and future planning.

Getting Started!...

Cooking and Healthy Living

Read more...Community Living will be offering two cooking groups to youth 10-13. It will be held at the All Saints Church, 235 Rubidge Street on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings June 6th and 7th until July 11th and 12th from 4:00 to 5:15 p.m. This group will offer 14 youth an opportunity to work on food preparation and develop skills for making snacks and simple meals. Basic Rights will also be covered during discussions.


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