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Healthy Sexuality Course Update

b_250_165_16777215_00_images_stories_News_ebulletin_Gina_May_and_Meagan_re_Healthy_Sexuality_2017.jpgMaria Scott and Shawna Belcourt facilitated two Healthy Sexuality Groups that started February 2, 2017. The two groups included young women from Holy Cross High School and a group of women supported through Community Living. The groups were held on Thursdays at Holy Cross High School and Community Living Trent Highlands. (Peterborough location).

We provide an open, non-judgemental, safe, comfortable environment to discuss topics. Topics included; Understanding Emotions, Hygiene and Personal Space, Consent, Introduction to Relationships, Flirting, Dating, and Romance, Sex Education, Contraception and Pregnancy, Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Sexuality and the law, Social Media, and Healthy Relationships...

The women enjoyed having a guest speaker Officer Jenny Fitzsimmons who spoke to both groups about Safety and Social Media, as well as Sexuality and the Law. The young women also enjoyed the tour of the Health Unit and Sue Mullhall’s discussion around confidential resources at the Health Unit and for sharing information about contraceptives.

We also meet regularly as Community of Practise with other trainers in the region to discuss best practises, and to receive feedback from how other courses are running.


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