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Friends, Textiles and Portraits... A day at the Art Gallery of Peterborough

image008.jpgOn February 22nd Serena Cole, Nancy De Rivers, Maureen Harvey, Leslie Pennal, Julie Andrews and Christine along with three staff visited the Art Gallery of Peterborough.  One of the gallery staff, named Andrew, gave us a tour of the exhibit which was unique fabric sculptures on loan from the Textile Museum in Toronto.  Maureen Harvey was fascinated by the sculptures and asked lots of questions. Then we participated in a portraiture class...

The first part of the class was to draw the person in front of you with a piece of paper hiding your drawing. It was to help us loosen up and not worry about how good our drawing was but just to focus on drawing. Then we removed the paper and drew the person in front of us. These ladies had a great time drawing each other and the staff.  Nancy De Rivers (our resident artist who enjoys drawing) loved drawing Serena Cole’s portrait.











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