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Musicfest Pays Tribute to Community Living Peterborough for 15 Years of Valued Service & Community Partnership

b_750_275_16777215_00_images_stories_News_articles_Musicfest.pngSeptember 2014 --- Community Living Peterborough partnered with Peterborough Musicfest in 1999 to provide a cleaning crew of both men and women. For some of them, this was their first paid summer employment opportunity. The cleaning crew would arrive at Del Crary Park on the morning following every concert to clean the grounds of debris left from the concert the previous evening.

The summer of 2014 provided the cleaning crew with a very special milestone. The developers of Peterborough Musicfest requested that the cleaning crew come to the concert on August 9th. At the beginning of the evening the Community Living Peterborough cleaning crew were asked to come on stage and were acknowledged for the excellent job that they have provided for all these years and especially during the 2014 season.

Anthony, Brent, Jackson and Paul (Roxanne was unable to attend) were invited up to the stage and were recognized for their excellent work during a speech delivered by Graham Hart.

As the cleaning crew has evolved over the past 15 years it now provides summer employment for people who live with an intellectual disability, both students and more mature returning workers.

This is a wonderful opportunity and demonstrates Peterborough’s dedication to inclusion for everyone!! Community Living Peterborough is happy to continue with this community partnership with Peterborough Musicfest for many years to come.

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