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When Elizabeth Manley takes to the ice she does so with a purpose

b_750_275_16777215_00_images_stories_News_articles_Liz-PetesGame.jpgMike Davies, Peterborough Examiner, Photo: Clifford Skarstedt Monday December 2, 2013 -- At the 1988 Calgary Olympics that purpose was to win a medal. Now her purpose is to make a difference.

The Elizabeth Manley and Friends ice show is coming to the Peterborough Memorial Centre April 5 to raise money for Community Living Peterborough (CLP). It's her only show this season.

“I've become very passionate about working with charities that really mean something to me,” Manley said, prior to dropping the puck at Saturday's Petes' game to promote the show. Article Continued...


Elizabeth Manley & Friends Star-Studded Ice Show for Community Living Peterborough - EVENT PAGE


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