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Annie Lawler guest speaker at 2017 22Q Deletion Family Conference

Read more...Annie Lawler was a speaker at this year’s 22Q Deletion Family Conference in Toronto on Nov 11, 2017. This Conference is put on by the 22Q Deletion Clinic at Sick Kids and their foundation.
Annie spoke about the difference of moving into high school from elementary school and her struggles with socializing with others and making friends.  She said that Special Olympics and the support of her EA’s and LLS teachers helped her get involved in organized social and sports teams.  She currently plays for the St. Peters Secondary School’s Special Olympics basketball, soccer and track and field teams.  They have competed at provincial levels. 

Patricia at the Circus de Soleil Volta

Read more...On Sunday October 22-17 Patricia Kologinski joined her Dream Player thespians at Circus de soleil Volta in Toronto. Patricia enjoyed the bus ride to the big city sitting beside her best friend Sue.  While at the circus Patricia enjoyed the suspensive storyline told by professional dancers and musicians.  The story ‘Volta’ is of a young man learning to embrace his differences in a fantastical display of today’s modern world.  Throughout the show Patricia clapped her hands with delight to the beautiful solo singers, guitarist and violinist.  Patricia enjoyed the music so much that she purchased the C.D. as a souvenir. In Patricia’s own words, “I just love it! It was the nicest show I have ever seen.”

Rose reconnects with her nephew

Read more...It had been almost 7 years since Rose last got to visit with her nephew Steve. Rose called Steve last weekend and because he was so happy to see her, he hopped on a plane from Fort McMurray and flew home to visit with Rose. Rose, Steve and his daughter Shannon all enjoyed a lovely lunch while catching up. Rose was so happy to see him and the feeling was reciprocated. Steve plans to call Rose once he gets back to the mine!

A Trip to Haliburton

Read more...Last Wednesday Jim, Gerald and Dave all went on a lovely scenic drive all the way up to Haliburton. Throughout the drive they admired all the fall leaves and how they are all changing colours at this time of year. Once in Haliburton we stopped at Skyline Park to get a bird’s eye few of Haliburton, it was a little foggy but you could see the town.


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