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Wish Fund

Creating a World Where

Anything is Possible


Donations to our Wish Fund have helped people we support participate in the Special Olympics, travel to Niagara Falls and Great Wolf Lodge, enjoy Peterborough Petes and Lakers games, go fishing, acquire new orthotics and dentures, have a professional photo shoot, ride a new bike, learn to sew and perform CPR....and much more!


Through Personal Outcomes Planning, Community Living Peterborough assists people receiving supports and services to identify priority goals for their future. For some people, reaching their goals is difficult due to a lack of resources, and that's where our Wish Fund comes in.

Helping people with extraordinary expenses is an important goal of our Wish Fund. We encourage people we support to take pride in their accomplishments and achievements by planning, applying to the Wish Fund and contributing to their request. The Wish Fund is not a supplement to income or an alternative to saving money towards a goal, but an opportunity to ensure priority goals are met.

For more information or to donate, please contact Erin Wight at (705) 743-2412 Ext 562 

To donate online, please visit CanadaHelps.



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